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Le fiacre
J'ai rendez-vous avec vous (- Compile)    11/09/1991   Georges BRASSENS   02:40 
La Fiancée Vendue
Les Grands Romantiques Vol. 1 (CD Compile)    1993   Divers CLASSIQUES   (Bedrich SMETANA)   03:54 


Fiddle About
The Who's Tommy Orchestral (CD live)    14/06/2019   Roger DALTREY   (The WHO)   01:40 
Tommy: A Bluegrass Opry (CD Sleeve/Digisleeve)    2015   The HILLBENDERS   (The WHO)   01:18 
The Who's Tommy (Broadway) (CD double live)    13/07/1993   Pete TOWNSHEND   (The WHO)   01:34 
Tommy (CD)    1969   The WHO   01:30 
Live at Leeds (Deluxe) (CD Digipack double Live)    16/05/1970   The WHO   01:13 
Tommy (CD)    24/11/1972   The WHO   01:25 
Tommy (CD B.O. double)    Aout 1975   The WHO   01:48 
Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 (CD Digipack double Live + DVD)    29/10/1996   The WHO   01:16 
Tommy: Live at The Royal Albert Hall (CD double live)    13/10/2017   The WHO   01:36 
Fidele (Amantes)
Ma vie (CD double)    1998   Julio IGLESIAS   03:10 


The Field
Field of Crows (CD)    10/12/2003   FISH   08:42 
the field (where i died)
Another 6 (CDR Musical)    11/06/2012   ANASAZI   06:27 
Fields of gold
Ten summoner's tales (CD)    1993   STING   03:40 
... All this time (CD live)    20/11/2001   STING   03:50 
Live in Berlin (CD Digipack Live + DVD)    22/11/2010   STING   03:35 
Live In Japan 1994 (CD Digipack double Live)    21/12/2012   STING   03:44 
The Fields of the Pelennor
The Lord of the Rings (Coffret 3 CD)    09/12/2003   Howard SHORE   03:26 
Fiendish (CDR Musical)    25/11/2003   PHIDEAUX   02:59 


The Fifth Compass
Life Signs (CDR Musical)    2005   SETI   05:01 
The Fifth Extinction
01011001 (CD double)    28/01/2008   AYREON   10:29 
The Fifth Season
Excalibur IV: The Dark Age of the Dragon (CD Digipack)    03/11/2017   Alan SIMON   02:57 
Fifty fifty
La fabuleuse histoire de Mister Swing (LP double live)    1988   Michel JONASZ    
Fifty fifty blues
What a wonderfull world & Mack the knife (Coffret 2 CD Compile)    1989   Louis ARMSTRONG   02:58 
Fifty Miles From The North Pole
The Night Siren (CD)    24/03/2017   Steve HACKETT   07:08 
Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover
The concert in Central Park (LP double live)    1982   SIMON AND GARFUNKEL   04:20 








The fish & the bird
Ovens Auditorium (CDR Musical Roio Double Live)    27/07/2008   Mark KNOPFLER   03:50 
The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
Fragile (CD Digipack)    Novembre 1971   YES   02:42 
The fish and the bird
Kill To Get Crimson (CD + DVD)    17/09/2007   Mark KNOPFLER   03:44 
Fish Interview
Recital of the Script (DVD Musical)    Octobre 1983   MARILLION   03:05 
Fish On The Sand
Cloud Nine (CD)    02/11/1987   George HARRISON   03:24 
Fish Report With A Beat
The Lost Concerts Vol.2 (RoIo live)    04/11/1987   Roger WATERS   02:36 
Hamilton 1987-11-10 (RoIo live)    10/11/1987   Roger WATERS   02:21 
Fisherman, Strawberry and Devil Crab
Porgy and Bess (CD)    1958   Miles DAVIS   04:06 


Fitter happier
RADIOHEAD (Coffret 7 CD Digipack Compile)    10/12/2007   RADIOHEAD   01:59 
Fitter Stoke Has a Bath
The Rotters' Club (CD)    07/03/1975   HATFIELD AND THE NORTH   07:33 



Fixing A Hole
Sgt Pepper's lonely hearts club band (CD)    02/09/1967   The BEATLES   (Paul MCCARTNEY)   02:36 
Plectrumelectrum (CD Sleeve/Digisleeve)    30/09/2014   PRINCE AND 3RD EYE GIRL   03:12 


The fizzy and the still
Kill To Get Crimson (CD + DVD)    17/09/2007   Mark KNOPFLER   04:07