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Slow motion

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CD 27/03/2002 05/04/2002
Slow motion   03:50 
Little by little     04:30 
Broken hearted   04:28 
Over you   05:06 
Tenth avenue breakdown     08:57 
A sting in the tail   05:17 
Bee in your bonnet     06:27 
Goldrush     03:06 
Dead man's blues     08:26 


Slow motion 03:50
Slow motion, slow motion baby

We want our love to last
Everything's so right
Why try to go so fast
And it's easy to lose sight
And then the moment's passed

Go easy, go easy baby
You know there's time for us
Even though this world seems to be speeding up
Maybe we can try to slow things down

Because we need to draw the line
Because we need to make the time
Because we need to sip the wine
Because the, the clock is running
It's going so fast
The future's coming but it's soon the past
It's here today and there's no turning back

Go lightly, go lightly baby
In time we'll find a way
It's never over, till it's over
Why rush it through?
Never pausing to admire the view

Slow motion, if we get tired
Then we can rest awhile
If we're gonna go, we're gonna go in style
Isn't that what life is all about?

Little by little 04:30
Oh I don't know any more

Oh Just don't know any more

Think of what you're saying
I really think you should
You'd better stop complaining
It won't do you any good
You know you should have done the right thing
When you drew your master plan
But little by little
I try to make you understand
Little by little
I try to make you understand

Oh You don't know anymore
You got so far from the shore

You're one in a million
If you could only see
You're less than perfect vision
Can't see the woods before the trees
Gonna shake you till your bell rings
You're like a ship that's lost at sea
But little by little
I'm going to bring you back to me
Little by little
I'm gonna to bring you back to me

You gotta get back home
Cos you got to change your ways
You can't do it all alone
Cos you got too much as stake
So get to it right away

I'm going to set out on a rescue
Until this mission is complete
Oh yes you know I'm gonna get you
I'll make you listen to my plea
You thought the grass was greener
But then it didn't prove to be

Broken hearted 04:28
You make me nervous when you're flying around

The secret service couldn't track you down
You tell me no then you kiss me
You say hello then you ditch me
You try to run when you see me

I never knew what this dream was about
You say let's go then you're lost in the crowd
I don't know where you're going
You won't show then youìre showing
I don't know then I'm knowing

You're always busy when I call on the phone
I'm broken hearted are you made out of stone
Snakes alive why you grievin'
It's 6 to 5 and I'm leavin'
I can't stand no more teasin'

I wrote a letta, I couldn't gedda
Some otha fella, was gonna tella
This kind weatha, you need a sweatta
It's geting wetta, drink amaretta
Lite as a fetha, Ain't no one bedda
You wearing leatha, Ain't nothing betta
I'm gonna renta, spiffy lambretta
I wanna weddda, the day I medda

Love me hug me shove me blow me away
bug me snub me club me you fill me with with praise
You tell me this way or that way
But take it thin way or fat way
I say it's my way or highway

Over you 05:06
Trouble is my calling card that's my middle name

Ever since you walked away
Things are not the same
Now my life is misery, don't know what to do
Yes your gone, your history
But I can't get over you

Used to be in Shang-Gri-la
Life used to be so good
You and me were going so far
That was understood
Ever since you walked away
My world has turned so blue
Now I live from day to day
Cos I can't get over you

Give our love another chance
You could make it so
Just how this can go so wrong
I will never know...

Well I want you right next to me
And that's all I can say
I've been calling ever since you drove me away
You were on my mind so long
It's hard for me to take
Now my heart is not so strong
And it might break over you

You can wear a wig
And some elevator shoes
Make yourself twice as big
And I'm still coming after you

Tenth avenue breakdown 08:57
Well now how you doin'

Do I know you
Are you living round here
Or just passing through
Seems like I met you before
how do you do
Take care while you're in there
The lights are low
Though the gals look good
They're not the kind you wanna know
Just sit back, drink a stiff one - enjoy the show

"They got nothing on me
Nothing I can see
Nothing that could do me wrong
Cos I'm in my disguise
They'll never get wise
There's nothing that could cause alarm"

One hit that'll do you
You won't look back
You'll be feeling no pain
Put you right on track
Why don't you do it again
Ah now you're getting the knack
Let's go to a new place
The lights look good
Reflecting the rain across the neighbourhood
Who's that over there
Looks like he's up to no good

"Hey what cha' doin' to me
Is that a knife that I see
Well are you trying to bring me down

I'm a tryin' to run
But my legs are all numb
I'm messin' with the wrong side of town"

You're on the wrong station
You're on the wrong track
You've lost your reservation
Now you can't get back
You're getting a shake down
Unlucky for you
10th Avenue breakdown

"It's getting rough, Yes too tough, I'm all abused, And so confused
I gotta go, Feel so low, Just can't wait, It's gettin' late"

"Don't know who came
He just set upon me
It's kind vague
And I'm kinda groggy
But you must believe me
He just stopped breathing
I didn't do it, It wasn't me
I know it wasn't me

Gettin' late
We can't afford to wait
It's gettin' late
We can't afford to wait

You're on the wrong station
You're on the wrong track
You lost your reservation
And you can't get back
You're getting to shake down
Unlucky for you
10th Avenue breakdown

"It's getting rough, Yes too tough, I'm all abused, And so confused
I gotta go, Feel so low, Just can't wait, It's gettin' late"

A sting in the tail 05:17
I don't care about the summer rain

I know it's good for the garden
Don't care when blue skies
They turn to grey
But when you come around
And try to run me down
The storm clouds darken

I don't get down when the leaves go brown
It's just the charm of the season
Things in nature have their reason
But when you come along and try to do me wrong

Well the first time I'll ignore it
But don't you push me beyond the pail
But then you're gonna find there's no more water in the well
You may think you're gonna walk right all over me
But there's a sting in the tail of this honey bee

The wind blows cold as the year grows old
That's just the natural way it goes
I feel the chill from my head down to my toes
Each time you call my name
And tell me I'm to blame

The cold winds gonna blow
Let it rain, let it snow
But don't give me your grief
I can't take it any more...

Bee in your bonnet 06:27
I keep on churning away, but pay no mind

You don't know nothing 'bout me, but that's alright

I Tell you true
And I'll be there
And that's for sure
You got to let me go everywhere
Let me through that door
Let me through that door

You say you gotta bee in your bonnet
You know for every sting there's a cure
But don't you put your finger right on it
You'll only make it hurt all the more

I doubt if you'll be liable
To read it in the bible
I ain't gonna say any more

You can't build enough in a row
Don't kid yourself
You gotta know they're all insane
They're goin' ridin' on the range
I don't need no high fly strutter
Go babe, you're driving me crazy

You got a new shiny beau
It don't pay to love
It don't pay to love

You say you gotta bee in your bonnet ...

Well there you go blaming yourself
There you go hiding so deep in your shell
You better not cry when your baby comes home
You know she's gonna find out somehow
You're having a breakdown right here and now
I guess you don't know where you're headed for now
It's OK..... you'll live to see another day

Lie, cheat, beg, borrow, steal
You gotta find a way to be real
Show me something I ain't seen before
Gonna make it through that door
May be in love it's true
But it's a romance you can't use
Give me something and take it away
You're gonna get it right some day
Gonna get it right some day

You say you gotta bee in your bonnet....

Goldrush 03:06
Bless my heart and soul

I've discovered gold
Spread the news around
Get the ship afloat
Rock and roll the boat
Let's get into town

I am living down by the creek
Getting mired in the mud
No liquor for a week
I feel the cold in my blood
Here's a very busy lady
On her knees in the sludge
Well I do believe she's crazy
You know she's working like a drudge

Bless my heart and soul
She's discovered gold
Spread the news around
Get the ship afloat
A rock and roll the boat
And let's get into town

Even though she smells like a drain
She's an angel to me
Her intentions are plain
And the whiskey is free
Breaking out another bottle
Keep it cool in the dirt
Well it's a water baby heaven
I got the papers in my shirt

Bless my heart and soul
We've discovered gold
Spread the news around
Get the ship afloat
A rock and roll the boat
And let's get into town

You work hard all your life little honey
But you can't afford to save any money
You lay it down you leave the town
To see what you could find
For more than 20 years you're a diggin'
then you can't believe what you are a pickin'
It's a piece of change just like a mountain range
Well fever gonna lay it down.

Dead man's blues 08:26
Goin' through my life

Day by day
Wonderin' why
And what road it'll take
Sometimes low
And sometimes high
I gotta find a reason
To live by

Well I've been seaching
Far and wide
Over the water
Beyond the sky
And I've been watching the moon above
Smiling down at me
What's he thinkin' of

What's he thinkin'
Way up in the sky
but he could tell me
Where my future lies

There ain't no promise
or guarantee
Ain't no wisdom
Being layed on me
And it's a low down dirty shame
But I gotta find the answer just the same

Well I've been playin' the Dead Man's Blues
And now I need a drink
It's gonna be on you
The day of judgement ain't far away
But who'll be the judge
It's hard to say...