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Hard rock


To Helen With Love

13 mp3 sur 105,8 Mo : 46'09''

Type Sortie Acquisition A Tribute to Helen Wheels, longtime friend and collaborator with Blue oyster Cult, who passed away in 2000. A veritable who's who of New York rock populates this record, including Albert & Joe Bouchard and members of the Dictators. Buck contributes guitar to several tracks, and sings "Elle Sol". Sandy Roeser sings "Hero".
CD 2001 20/11/2003
Helen Wheels   00:34 
Lovers Loan   02:57 
Sinful Love Blue Oyster Cult   03:38 
Elle Sol Buck Dharma   03:29 
Niagara Falls     04:14 
Will to Survive   03:33 
Fallen Angel Blue Oyster Cult   04:39 
Room To Rage   03:26 
Hero   Buck Dharma   03:35 
Saint Vitus dance     03:55 
Goodbye Joe   03:05 
As I Bleed   04:42 
Chimes of Freedom   04:22