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The return of the Space cowboy

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CD 10/10/1994 02/06/2004
Just Another Story   08:48 
Stillness In Time   04:15 
Half The Man   04:48 
Light Years   05:53 
Manifest Destiny   06:19 
The Kids   05:08 
Mr Moon   05:28 
Scam   07:00 
Journey To Arnhemland  Instrumental   05:19 
Morning Glory   06:21 
Space Cowboy   06:25 


Just Another Story 08:48
Nobody make a move

This kidís got you covered
He was just seventeen
Trying to get on like his dead brother
Mama couldnít do a thing for him
Though she hurt inside
And daddy wants his son back
While he knows heís still alive
Stuck up kid
Thinking youíre a glory boy
Fronting that stupid toy
But you donít get that itís yourself you will destroy
Running that rock on the frontline
Get to Hell before your time
If you get your face on the cover of High Times
Push in

Now it occured to me
As I awoke from deeper dreams
All this evolution
And still I donít know what it means
And it gets so hard for me to change
When thereís an easy way to earn
Why should I work my fingers to the bone?
Can you give more than get?
Get down with a conscious train of thought

Light years
Can pass me by without me realising
Iím water in a stream
But you got to keep it clean
Dirty dreams, purity
How can so many people think theyíre right
When everybodyís wrong?

Stillness In Time 04:15
Thereís a stillness in time

Which I cannot define
Does your heart bleed like mine
For a place we can go
Where the troubles of our time are far away
And I had all my life in front of me
Now my darkness days are trouble-free
Thereís no place where I would rather be
Than this journey of discovery
I found love in that way
And Iím never sad, and Iím always glad
Anything you give me today
I will be thankful for
People find it hard to be strong
Cos they donít know where theyíre coming from
There was nothing left to do but hang on
For a stillness in time

If you find that somethingís going wrong
Look around at what youíre running from
There are so many wondrous things for you to see
If this world is turning too fast for your head
Just remember how bad times can roll instead
You can wait a thousand years in line
For that stillness in time

Half The Man 04:48
Yesterday I was

Half the man I used to be
Oh maybe thatís because
Youíre the other half of me
Like the spring in bloom
The summer of our love is soon
Every bird will sing
The melody of our love tune
Send down from above
Unconditionally love
Likened to a flower
Stronger love grows by the hour
Stormy weather days
Make us go our separate ways
Where our love was so at ease
Now you got me down on my knees

Yesterday I was
Brighter than the morning sun
Now my love is lost
And lonely days have just begun
A solitary chair
For a silent love affair
A king has lost his throne
And now he sits alone

Light Years 05:53
People tell me Iím no good

íCause Iím expressing all my sentiments
Now I got to channel all my vehemence
For the benefit of my self-defence
And you can be a do-gooder
But true sincerity ainít charity
It can take a life time to be
How you wanna be
You can be light years
Away from serious intention
And I thought I knew it all
Someday Iíd get to turn mankind this way
If you donít know you can be light years
Away from your true destination
No conscious escalation
Until I get with good vibration
Iím never gonna get to use that earthly power
Substitutes can never take the place of peace of mind
Losing all sense of direction

When youíre light years
Too far away to turn your back on substitution
There is no u-turn on a one way route
Going up when I learn to love the life I can bite the fruit
Now I got sunshine in my life

Light years
Never to return to Babylon
See money donít make a man
But if you really want you get there anyway you can

Manifest Destiny 06:19
Four hundred years or more

Since you came to crucify
They were taken far from home
There were promises of paradise
But if they had been told that day
They would be told that this way
To satisfy the souls of chosen men
See I had to look carefully
At the name of my ancestry
To redefine the storyline again
If I was taken for a day
And shown another way
Every child can learn a different thing
See I tried a million times
But I had to change my mind
Sadness was the best thing I could bring
On the inside he was dead and this is what he said
As he took away the bloom above the clouds
Superiority was clearly meant to be
So destiny will manifest in time

So where has the love all gone?
A troubled trail of tears will tell the tale
Of how I was put down where I donít belong
Woman, child and man for sale
For ethical slavery is just an absurdity
How can you be alive when you are dead
With these chains of hypocrisy
The same of my ancestry
Forever stained by blood in wich you trade

The Kids 05:08
Now weíre getting nasty 

Everybodyís talking about the kids
The kids got funky soul and groove emotion
But if you donít give the kids the chance to use it
Theyíre always more than likely to abuse it
Everybodyís talking about the kids
Itís taking time for you to realise
Now hunger turns to anger in our eyes
I say the revolution will be televised
Yes it will, Gil
Everybodyís talking about the kids
The kids need space to get their heads in place
And every day this world we have to face
I just canít seem to find my proper place

Kids get down, stormy weather
Fifteen years of royal pleasure
Kids get down underground
Everybody dance to the funky sound

Everybodyís talking about the kids
It wonít be long before we get our own
And every kid can truly feel at home
I told ya you should give the dog a bone
Everybodyís talking about school
But I get more pleasure breaking all the rules
Cos lesson one begins with "Life Is Cruel"
Well I guess Iím just an educated fool
Everybodyís talking about the kids
Mom and Dad make efforts to excuse it
Government officials will confuse it
Members of the bench will try to prove it
Youíre going down, sucker

Everybodyís talking about the kids now
Everybodyís talking about the kids now
The kids got funky soul

Kids get down, stormy weather
Fifteen years of royal pleasure
Kids get down, celebrate
Now weíre going to kick the thing we hate
Everybodyís talking about high
But kids get high to satisfy
For reaching out to touch the sky
Is all I can identify, and you know why

Kids get down, stormy weather
Fifteen years of royal pleasure
Kids get down, celebrate
Now weíre gonna kick the thing we hate
Kids get down, pressurized
To live the life that you devised
Kids get down, celebrate
Lifeís too short to complicate

Mr Moon 05:28
Have you gone astray?

Or lost your way?
You should have seen me yesterday
Well I knew this kind of love
Was written in the stars
Itís only once or twice that youíre in line with Mr Moon
Then it was you
Took me on your cloud
Gave me flowers for my pain
But with some degree of certainty
My destiny seemed to slip away from me
Before I got to know your name

Just give me a chance
Iíll do what you want me to
Everybody wants to dance
So how come I canít dance with you
You really turn me on
Youíre the one thatmakes me smile
Itís Mr Moon who plays in tune, Mr Moon who knows
And if itís Mr Moon who gives the sign then thatís the sign that goes
I never know what to do
Till Iím there with you.

Did you lose your mind
For a day
You donít remember anyway
Like the waters of a dream
Encapsulate my mind
A place! havenít seen sits at the end of space and time
So lost in time
Than I think Iím blond
To perhance upon this circumstance is something of a miracle
So spiritual
Itís verging on the physical
Searching for a love I cannot find.

Scam 07:00
You say you fight to give us freedom

But often more than not this is abused
And the faces of a tired generation
Have decided they are sick of being used
For the purpose of current declarations
Still the same, itíll never change until the end
Is to buy appreciation of the nation
To cover the mistakes you must defend
And you say thereíll be a chance for everyone
to protest against your calculated greed
But I can see into the future
Wonít be long before the welfare
Send me letters telling me how much they need
And itís not been in my interest to please them
For the only interest rate to fall is mine
See a brand new generation is demanding
What youíve been doing with our money all this time
People try living life at speed of light
Donít know why but I have to do the things I do
Give me ten, thatís the move I give you five
People say itís the way to stay alive

So you see you have to be a schemer
If you wanna love the life you have to live
And it donít matter how much I earn
íCause I always get my fingers burned
When The Man gets down to his business
And Iíve been searching for a reason
Why I have to give it all up just when I want to get ahead
See I had to lose car, job, wife, dog and home
Debts and threats on the telephone
Maybe I should bust a move instead
Now we all know when we watch the television
Not confused between a puppet or conviction
Glued to the screen by a thousand shallow words of widsom
It ainít what it seems when itís a single sided system
Someoneís got a hold on my living
So Iím gonna have to do the thing thatís fair
They got to justify for what I should be giving
Should I lie, should I steal or should I care?
íCause now Iíve got to scam

Morning Glory 06:21
All of my visions were untrue

Till I had a vision of you
An untimely end for all
But it was only then, only then that I saw
Saw the morning glory
Canít you take me there
Canít you take me there
Away from soliloquies of sadness
And prophecies of pain
For us all to see

I had a vision in my mind
I had a vision of peace
I had a vision of you

Space Cowboy 06:25
Everything is good, and brown

Iím here again
With a sunshine smile upon my face
My friends are close at hand
And all my inhibitions
Have disappeared without a trace
Iím glad that I found
Somebody who I can rely on
This is the return of the space cowboy
Interplanetary good vibe zone
At the speed of cheeba
You and I go deeper
Maybe Iím gonna have to get high
Just to get by

Everything is good, and green
Say, Iím red again
And I donít suppose Iím coming down
I can see clearly, so high in the sky
A man with psychedelic picture frames
Of happiness to shade his eyes
Heís glad that he found
Somebody who he can rely on