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Live at WOMAD 1982

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CD double live "carton" 05.08.2022 05.08.2022
Tabla Iqae  The Musicians of the Nile   01:51 
Mirror In The Bathroom  The Beat   03:28 
Big Bag  Pigbag   06:46 
Kama K'iwacu  The Drummers of Burundi   04:06 
I Have The Touch Peter Gabriel   05:12 
WOMAD II  Robert Fripp   04:54 
Raindrops Pattering On Banana Leaves   03:38 
Tian Jin Music and Dance Ensemble
Zimbo   04:51 
Echo and the Bunnymen (with the Royal Burundi Drummers)

Taksim Arghul  The Musicians of the Nile   03:28 
Salsa de Hoy  Salsa de Hoy   05:32 
You're My Kind of Climate  Rip Rig and Panic   05:13 
Key Release  Mark Springer   01:50 
Cotton-Eyed Joe  The Chieftains   02:38 
Promised You A Miracle Simple Minds   04:36 
Gahu  Ekome   05:55 
A Ritual Mask Peter Hammill   05:36 
Biko Peter Gabriel   06:05 
Peter Gabriel featuring Ekome
Wayo In-law   06:40 
The Ivory Coasters featuring Prince Nico Mbarga
Gamelan Gong Kebyar  Sasono Mulyo   08:48