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New wave



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LP 1986 1986
Missionary Man     04:29 
Thorn in My Side   04:14 
When Tomorrow Comes     04:30 
The Last Time   04:14 
The Miracle of Love     05:06 
Let's Go!   04:12 
Take Your Pain Away   04:35 
A Little of You   03:55 
In This Town   03:43 
I Remember You   05:01 


Missionary Man 04:29
well i was born an original sinner 

i was born from original sin
and if i had a dollar bill for all the things i've done
there'd be a mountain of money piled up to my chin

my mother told me good
my mother told me strong
she said be true to yourself
and you can't go wrong
but there's just one thing
that you must understand
you can fool with your brother
but don't mess with a missionary man
don't mess with a missionary man

oh the missionary man he's got god on his side
he's got the saints and apostles backin' up from behind
black eyed looks from those bible books
he's a man with a mission got a serious mind
there was a woman in the jungle
and a monkey on a tree
the missionary man he was followin' me
he said stop what your doing
get down upon your knees
i've a message for you
that you better believe

Thorn in My Side 04:14
you gave me such a bad time 

you tried to hurt me but now i know
thorn in my side
you know that's all you ever were
a bundle of lies
you know that's all that is was worth
i should have known better
but i trusted you at first
i should have known better
but i got what i deserved

to run away from you
was all that i could do

thorn in my side
you know that's all you'll ever be
so don't think you know better
cause that's what you mean to me
i was feeling complicated
i was feeling low
now everytime i think of you
i shiver to the bone

When Tomorrow Comes 04:30
underneath your dreamlit eyes 

shades of sleep have driven you away
the moon is pale outside
and you are far from here
breathing shifts your careless head
untroubled by the chaos of our lives
another day, another night
has taken you again my dear

and you know that i'm gonna be the one
who'll be there when you need someone to depend on
when tomorrow comes
wait till tomorrow comes,
yea, yea

last night while you where lying in my arms
and i was wondering where you were
you know you looked just like a baby
fast asleep in this dangerous world
every star was shining brightly
just like a million years before
and we were feeling very small
underneath the universe

i can't wait
i can't wait
till tomorrow comes baby
when tomorrow comes
i wanna be with you
when tomorrow comes

The Miracle of Love 05:06
how many sorrows do you try to hide 

in a world of illusion that's covering you mind
i'll show you something good
oh i'll show you something good
when you open your mind
you'll discover the sign
that there's something
you're longing to find

the miracle of love will take away your pain
when the miracle of love comes your way again

cruel is the night that covers up your fears
tender is the one that wipes away your tears
there must be a bitter breeze
to make you sting so viciously
they say the greatest coward
can hurt the most ferociously
but i'll show you something good
oh i'll show you something good
if you open your heart
you can make a new start
when your crumbling world falls apart

must take a miracle in this heartless world
people try to hurt you
try to hurt you if they could
and it must take a miracle