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Grand ecran

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CD 1990 1990
I wanna be loved by you   02:57 
Two little girls from Little Rock   03:00 
I'm gonna file my claim   02:35 
My heart belongs to Daddy   05:05 
Runnin' wild   01:04 
This is A fine romance   02:17 
You'd be surprised   03:00 
Diamonds are a girl's best friend   03:28 
Bye bye baby   03:24 
I'm though with love   02:32 
Specialisation   03:29 
Heat wave   04:17 
Do it again   03:11 
When love goes wrong nothing goes right   03:22 
After you get what you want, you don't   03:34 
After you get what you want, you don't want it
The river of no return   02:11 
Lazy   03:32 
Kiss   02:56 
When i fall in love   02:57 
Happy birthday for President Kennedy   00:44 
Madison Square Garden 1962
Introduction by Peter Lawford, President Kennedy's brother-in-law