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Imaginos 3 - The mutant reformation

8 mp3 sur 31,9 Mo : 34'33''

Type Sortie Acquisition Albert Bouchard provided a list of songs which might be
applicable to the rest of the Imaginos trilogy. They appear, with his
comments, as follows:

Act Three: The Mutant Reformation
Take Me Away ++
The Vigil ++
R. U. Ready 2 Rock
Heavy Metal
Flaming Telepaths
Gil Blanco County *
* Left off the original Imaginos album
++ Non-Pearlman songs because I never plan to write another with him and
these tunes kind of fit into the story 
CDR Musical Compile Septembre 2003 30.09.2003
Take me away Blue Oyster Cult   04:32 
The vigil Blue Oyster Cult   06:26 
E.T.I. (Extraterrestrial intelligence) Blue Oyster Cult   03:42 
R.U. ready 2 rock Blue Oyster Cult   03:45 
Heavy metal: the black and silver Blue Oyster Cult   03:19 
Flaming telepaths Blue Oyster Cult   05:20 
Gil Blanco County Stalk-Forrest Group   03:37 
Redeemed Blue Oyster Cult   03:52