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- 1994 12/11/2005
Anytime   04:54 
Are You Big Enough   04:09 
Desire   05:22 
Summer   02:04 
Sad Situation   04:01 
Don't Cut the Wire (Brother)   05:21 
Feels Like Love   04:50 
Remembrance Day   04:20 
Enough's Enough   04:39 
Military Man   04:12 
Aria   02:28 


Anytime 04:54
As a child, we played the game

Fought the war, but felt no pain
Arm to arm, we left the skin
Then said the words, remember them

Oh, never a moments doubt
Oh, feel it, scream it loud

Anytime that you call
Anytime if you fall
Anytime I'll be there for you
Any moment of fear
Anytime say the prayer
Swear that our word is true

Should I go
Should I stay?
I won't turn my head away
Cross the line, the great divide
So kill the silence, where we hide

Oh, never a moments doubt
Oh, feel it so scream it loud


If clouds fall, stand tall
As mountains climb from endless sea
Call out, fear not
Bring back that memory


Are You Big Enough 04:09
Walked the streets at night

Head low
To cross the borderline
That only you know
Then inside your room
You'll show
The man you did not want to be

Are you big enough?
Are you losing your touch?
And if you walk away
Don't you know you'd better change

From these early days
Don't want to let go
You'd climb the stairs of change
To her room
Held those clothes so soft
Was it so good
To paint the face the scars of youth?


Desire 05:22
From the very first rush

To the very last sigh
In a moment's touch
To the whole of time
Be the secrets of pain
Kiss the tears that you cry

Just to hold without
Get to touch within
From the sound of your breath
To the taste of your skin
I'd give all my days
Just for one of your nights

I've just got to get next to you
Let it out, let it go

Desire, make it physical
Looks to feed the thrill
Desire, with its hungry eyes
Closing for the kill
Desire, all that's left in me
Tears the night in two
Desire, like a primitive
Claw my way to you
Are you thinking of me
Like I'm thinking of you?

How the innocence dies
In a passionate stare
A shaft of light
A silent dare
The call of the wild...

From the very first crime
Of original sin
To the carnal lie
Where the truth begins
Just to feel your nails
Lift me up like wings

I've just got to get next to you
Let it out, let it go


Summer 02:04
Her fingers feel the air

The mantle now so bare
From green then into brown
Lie scattered all around
We hope they will return
Like those before did learn
Now that their summer's gone
We have to carry on

Till we rise, I just can't wait
Now tell me, who are you
To judge my fate?

Oh, the rain burns on
Now that summer's gone
Oh, the wind blows strong
Now that summer's gone

Across the fields we ran
To emerald castles, banned
By rule of modern man
Who built a winterland
Then as the seasons change
He'll fly and hide away
Above a cloud of words
On wings of gold I heard

We must rise, it's not too late
Now tell me, who are you
To change our fate?


Sad Situation 04:01
When you wake, I'll be gone

Just a space, an empty chair
And I know, I was wrong
Just one more time, then I'll be gone

Who stopped the sky from falling?
Who held you back from harm?
Who stood as walls were falling?
A call still guides us on

It's a sad situation
And no one's to blame
I'ts a sad situation
Now you're gone
It's a sad situation
Which someday may change
It's a sad situation
Now you're gone

In the dawn, turn the page
We stand alone, as the lions rage
I suppose we'll move on
A fight of minds, that still breathe strong

Who stopped the sky from falling?
Who held you back from harm?
WHo held you close when hurting?
Who keeps the doves of hope?


Don't Cut the Wire (Brother) 05:21
He was just a lonely kid

No matter what he did
Was never recognised
Then you came along
Was the second son
So special in their eyes

Oh how he ran
To the city where his dreams would turn to man
Oh how he ran

So he lived his life alone
Where he lay was home
Then they made him move along
From town to town
With his head held down
Then he turned towards the gun

Again how he ran
From the badge he had no chance to understand
Oh how he ran

Don't cut the wire, cos he really needs you now
Don't cut the wire, in the final hour
When it comes to the rest, you were always the best
Brother don't you cut the wire

Many years have passed
But behind the mask
He always thought of you
Now with a gun in hand
It's his final stand
Your brother needs you too

He knows how he ran
From the child he was
Then later from the man
Oh how he ran


Feels Like Love 04:50
Feel my mind, the sleep is ending

As we rush into the sea
Take my eyes, and I will show you
The future in the deep

You must breathe on
You must be strong

Am I right to fight the distance
As we push against the tide?

You must breathe on
You must be strong

Rushing through my head, I can touch the thunder
Lighting up the mind, as the wind blows stronger
Pushing back the sea, as the storm is calling on
Louder than before, in the raging river
Faster than the stream, will it last forever?
Holding back the time, as the world stops turning

Feels like love...
Tell me, does it feel like love?

We look to the sky, to the statue of hope
She is holding the flame, as the island awoke
To the city of dreams, where the angel still sleeps
See the satellites glow as they rise from the sea

Feels like love...
Tell me, does it feel like love?

Remembrance Day 04:20
The battlefield, the smoke has cleared

Silence in sight, the blood lies deep
Look from the hills, the valley calls
Six hundred fall, a lost to all

Someday, somewhere, ever calling
One time, one life, ever falling

And will you remember
The flowers in the fields?
And will you remember
The loss of one so dear
And will you remember
Through the mist of lies?
Their spirit never dies

Out of the skies, and into the green
Fuelled by the lies, paid by soul

Soldire, hero, well 'Uncle Sam'
He don't wanna know


Enough's Enough 04:39
So early in the morning

It's the same now every day
Sign your name and number
Cutting from the ball and chain

Never letting go when
The weight was so deceiving
Treading on a turning wheel

Machinery is screaming
Shoulder to the stone again
Praying for the evening
Hiding as the fist hits steel

Enough's enough
It's eye to eye
Enough's enough
We cry
Enough's enough
Of smoke and steel
Enough's enough
Of turning this wheel

Looking at his picture
Steel did turn the skin to bone
Father I remember
The hands that had to break the stone


Military Man 04:12
The fighting's over now

There's nowhere left to run
My ammunition's out
I'd better put down my gun
And as I face this life of fear
I'd better keep my conscience clear
Inside my mind I'm out of it
And I ain't never coming back

So don't come running here to find me
'Cos I'm a military man
And as I spin this wheel of fortune
In my military world
I'm a military man

The architects of time
Are calling me
But I don't believe it
And as I face this life of fear
Break the chains
That bind me here
Inside my head I'm out of it
But I'm still never coming back


I'm a military man
Just a military man yes I am

Aria 02:28
As I look back

In that last act
Far beyond the call of duty

Did I stay strong?
Did I give more?
Far beyond the call of duty

And I know, you know... now