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The return of the sons of Neptune

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Coffret 3 CDR Musicaux 25.05.2006 31.05.2006
Embryo Pink Floyd   10:31 
(UK) The Future Kings Of England
Arnold Layne Syd Barrett   03:05 
(UK) Beats Working (featuring John Hardman)
Learning To Fly   (Norway) Pink Division Pink Floyd   05:16 
Let There Be More Light Roger Waters   03:04 
(UK - US) Payola Disco (featuring Ally & The Hooks)
Welcome To The Machine   (US) Lovespirals Pink Floyd   05:21 
On The Turning Away   (UK) The Harvs Pink Floyd   04:41 
Two Of A Kind Pink Floyd   03:41 
(Ireland) Duncan Maitland
Sheep   (US) The Moist Biscuits Roger Waters   05:21 
Fat Old Sun   (Croatia) Josip Radic David Gilmour   03:34 
A New Machine Parts 1 & 2 Pink Floyd   05:01 
(Australia) Tranquil Oblivion
One Of These Days   (Hungary) Vegetable Fat Pink Floyd   04:16 
A Pillow Of Winds   (UK) Keith Jordan Pink Floyd   03:28 
Fearless   (US) Counseling Anderson Pink Floyd   05:26 
San Tropez   (UK) Darkside Pink Floyd   03:35 
Seamus Pink Floyd   00:26 
(Forum Collaboration) The NPF Community Players
Echoes   (UK) Nonbeliever Pink Floyd   13:08 

Baby Lemonade   (US) Triangle Paradise Syd Barrett   03:33 
Interstellar Overdrive   (US) Arcadian Woodsmen Pink Floyd   05:38 
Time & Breathe Reprise   (UK) Doubletake Duo Pink Floyd   06:10 
Money Pink Floyd   07:49 
(Denmark) The Pink Floyd Project
Several species of small fury animals .. Roger Waters   04:20 
Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict () David Jay
The Great Gig In The Sky   (Mexico) Angel Coln Pink Floyd   06:10 
Pigs On The Wing Roger Waters   01:22 
(US) Jeff Lutes (AKA : Little Lutes on the BIG BASS!)
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd   04:51 
(Canada) JMR (featuring Skillful Dreamer)
What Do You Want From Me   (US) Brain Damage Pink Floyd   03:55 
Golden Hair Syd Barrett   01:07 
(Sweden) Swedish Whistler
Shine On You Crazy Diamond   (France) Simony Pink Floyd   12:44 
Crying Song Roger Waters   03:25 
(Portugal) Esteban Device
Green Is The Colour   (US) ZZ Slop Roger Waters   03:29 
Main Theme Pink Floyd   05:24 
(UK) Alan Bragg (subset of the Killer Pylons)
Seabirds   (US) John McKaeg Pink Floyd   03:54 
Cirrus Minor   (US) Unus Mundus Roger Waters   05:54 

In The Flesh?   (UK) Pig Floyd Pink Floyd   02:41 
The Thin Ice   (UK) The Amber Herd Pink Floyd   02:49 
Another Brick In The Wall - part 1   (UK) The Barking Pumpkin Roger Waters   02:49 
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives   (UK) Psychosis Pink Floyd   01:38 
Another Brick In The Wall - part 2   (UK) Dave Burn Roger Waters   04:16 
Mother   (Italy) The DNA Band Pink Floyd   05:38 
Goodbye Blue Sky   (UK) Elastic Pterodactil Pink Floyd   03:07 
What Shall We Do Now? - Empty Spaces   (UK) David Bruce Pink Floyd   04:22 
Young Lust Pink Floyd   03:56 
(Canada) Bulldog Drummond
One Of My Turns   (Germany) The Final Cut Pink Floyd   03:21 
Dont Leave Me Now   (Canada) Darren Jones Pink Floyd   04:00 
Another Brick In The Wall - part 3 Roger Waters   02:07 
(Canada - US) Ironbaden & Mosespa
Goodbye Cruel World Pink Floyd   00:28 
(Belgium) Philip Lermytte
Hey You Pink Floyd   04:15 
(Ireland) Gerald Coughlan
Is There Anybody Out There?   (Belgium) Just For Once Pink Floyd   02:00 
Nobody Home   (US) Keychain Logic Pink Floyd   05:03 
Vera   (US) Pink Froyd Pink Floyd   01:09 
Bring The Boys Back Home   (US) Pink Froyd Pink Floyd   00:52 
Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd   06:28 
(UK & Canada) Paul Devlin and Baden MacLeod
The Show Must Go On   (US) Pink Froyd Pink Floyd   01:24 
In The Flesh   (US) Keychain Logic Pink Floyd   02:02 
Run Like Hell   (US) Which Ones Pink Pink Floyd   04:28 
Waiting For The Worms Pink Floyd   03:59 
(UK) Fat Old Man featuring Marcel Stoetzler
Stop Pink Floyd   00:30 
(Ireland) Gerald Coughlan
The Trial   (UK) Us And Them Pink Floyd   04:50 
Outside The Wall   (Germany) Egosonic Pink Floyd   01:18