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American night - Live in Dallas

6 mp3 sur 78,0 Mo : 56'46''

Type Sortie Acquisition Live at state fair music hall, Dallas
11 Decembre 1970 
RoIo live 11.12.1970 04.03.2007
Love Her Madly/Maybe It's Not For Sure   10:22 
"Love Her Madly"/"Maybe It's Not For Sure"/"Keep Faith In What You See"
Back Door Man   04:05 
Ship Of Fools/If I Get My Hands On a ...   08:19 
"Ship Of Fools"/"If I Get My Hands On A Dollar Bill"
The Changeling   04:51 
L.A. Woman   15:40 
When The Music's Over   13:29 
"When The Music's Ove"/"All My Life's A Bright Delusion"/"Something Wrong, Something Not Quite Right"