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Lover of Life, Singer of Songs

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Type Sortie Acquisition The very best of Freddie Mercury Solo
CD Compile double Septembre 2006 13/04/2007
In My Defence   03:55 
The Great Pretender   03:28 
Living On My Own  (1993 Radio Mix)   03:38 
Made In Heaven   04:05 
Love Kills   04:29 
There Must Be More To Life Than This   03:01 
Guide Me Home   02:50 
How Can I Go On   03:51 
Foolin' Around   03:37 
Time   03:57 
Barcelona   05:39 
Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow   03:48 
I Was Born To Love You   03:40 
The Golden Boy   06:06 
Mr Bad Guy   04:12 
The Great Pretender  (Malouf Remix)   03:40 
Love Kills  (Star Rider Remix)   03:39 
I Can Hear Music   03:29 
Goin' Back   03:34 
Guide Me Home   04:18 
(Thierry Lang, Piano Version)

Love Kills   03:04 
(Sunshine People Radio Mix)
Made In Heave  (Extended Version)   04:50 
Living On My Own  (The Egg Remix)   05:37 
Love Kills  (Rank 1 remix)   07:18 
Mr Bad Guy  (Bad Circulation Version)   03:26 
I Was Born To Love You   04:02 
(George Demure Almost Vocal Mix)
My Love Is Dangerous  (Extended Version)   06:28 
Love Makin' Love  (Demo)   03:38 
Love Kills  (Pixel82 Remix)   06:13 
I Was Born To Love You  (Extended Version)   07:05 
Foolin' Around  (Early Version)   04:15 
Living On My Own   05:15 
(No More Brothers Extended Mix)
Love Kills  Love Kills   06:53 
Your Kind Of Lover  (Vocal & Piano Version)   03:38 
Let's Turn It On  (A Capella)   03:17