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CD Digipack double 2004 06.12.2008
The Creation   18:23 
The Creation:
I) One Mind
II) In A Perfect Light
III) Where Are You?
IV) Reaching From The Heart
The Man's Gone   02:51 
Author Of Confusion   09:31 
The Separated Man   17:59 
The Separated Man:
I) I'm In A Cage
II) I Am The Man
III) The Man's Gone (Reprise)
IV) Something Within Me Remembers
Cradle To The Grave   04:56 
Help Me / The Spirit And The Flesh   11:15 
Father Of Forgiveness   05:48 
Reunion   09:12 
I) No Separation
II) Grand Finale
III) Make Us One
Back To The Garden   04:28 

Nothing To Believe   03:32 
Cradle To The Grave  (Neal's Vocal)   04:58 
King Jesus   04:50 
What Is Life?   04:29 
Where The Streets Have No Name U2   05:48 
Day After Day   03:27 
Chris Carmichael's Aria   01:08 
I'm Free / Sparks The Who   06:36