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The Great Gig in Boblingen

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Type Sortie Acquisition Great Gig in Boblingen REV A.K
Sporthalle Boblingen West Germany
CDR Musical Roio Double Live 15.11.1972 24.12.2009
Speak to me/Breathe in the air   04:03 
On the Run   08:00 
Time & Breathe Reprise   07:10 
The Great Gig in the Sky   04:37 
Money   06:50 
Us And Them   08:11 
Any Colour You Like   07:27 
Brain Damage-Eclipse   05:47 

Careful With That Axe, Eugene   14:41 
Echoes   28:07 
Looking Through the Knotholes in Granny's Wooden Leg
One of These Days   09:52 
Set the Controls For the Heart of the ..   14:21 
Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun