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CD B.O. double Aout 1975 02/12/2011
Overture  The Who   05:01 
Prologue 1945  Pete Townshend   03:04 
Captain Walker, It's A Boy  Pete Townshend   02:38 
Bernie's Holiday Camp  The Who   03:47 
1951, What About The Boy  Mike Kelly   02:44 
Amazing Journey  Pete Townshend   03:30 
Christmas  Nicky Hopkins   03:34 
Eyesight To The Blind  Eric Clapton   03:34 
Acid Queen  Tina Turner   03:49 
Do You Think It's Alright? (I)  Graham Deakin   00:51 
Cousin Kevin  Paul Nicholas   03:21 
Do You Think It's Alright? (II)  Graham Deakin   00:43 
Fiddle About  The Who   01:48 
Do You Think It's Alright? (III)  Graham Deakin   00:29 
Sparks  The Who   03:34 
Extra, Extra, Extra  Pete Townshend   00:33 
Pinball Wizard  Elton John   05:37 

Champagne  Roger Daltrey   04:53 
There's A Doctor  Ronnie Wood   00:22 
Go To The Mirror  Roger Daltrey   04:22 
Tommy, Can You Hear Me  Alan Ross   00:55 
Smash The Mirror  Kenny Jones   01:31 
I'm Free  Roger Daltrey   02:49 
Mother And Son  Pete Townshend   03:18 
Sensation  Roger Daltrey   04:49 
Miracle Cure  Pete Townshend   00:24 
Sally Simpson  Pete Townshend   05:18 
Welcome  Pete Townshend   04:45 
T.V. Studio  Pete Townshend   01:10 
Tommy's Holiday Camp  Keith Moon   01:26 
We're Not Gonna Take It  Roger Daltrey   05:00 
See Me, Feel Me/Listening To You  The Who   04:50