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Number Seven

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Type Sortie Acquisition
CD 29/05/2009 23/05/2011
Dormouse - A Theme  One: Dormouse Ensnared   01:04 
Waiting For the Axe to Fall  One: Dormouse Ensnared   19:21 
Darkness at Noon  Two: Dormouse Escapes   03:33 
Gift of the Flame  Two: Dormouse Escapes   07:15 
Interview with a Dormouse  Two: Dormouse Escapes   00:26 
Thermonuclear Cheese  Two: Dormouse Escapes   01:43 
The Search For Terrestrial Life  Two: Dormouse Escapes   07:47 
Love Theme From _Number Seven_   13:22 
Three: Dormouse Enlightened
Infinite Supply   04:45 
Three: Dormouse Enlightened
Dormouse - An End   02:02 
Three: Dormouse Enlightened