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Type Sortie Acquisition Hitman: A Musical By Neal Morse
CD Novembre 2005 13.09.2014
Intro   05:08 
The Overture/The Buzz   07:24 
Set Up For I Want To Be   00:43 
I Want To Be   03:49 
Set Up For Hit Man   01:10 
Hit Man   04:57 
Set Up For You Were My Eyes   01:04 
You Were My Eyes   01:10 
Set Up For We Are The Artists   01:29 
We Are The Artists   04:38 
Set Up For The Contract:Sign Here   01:14 
The Contract:Sign Here   04:51 
Have You Heard?   00:59 
Set Up For The Duet   02:00 
The Duet   04:18 
Set Up For You're What Makes Me Tick   00:50 
You're What Makes Me Tick   02:16 
Set Up For Wolfe's Big Debut   00:53 
Wolfe's Big Debut   05:15 
Set Up For Until He Finds Me   01:07 
Until He Finds Me   04:10 
Set Up For The Glory   01:12 
The Glory   03:32 
Set Up For Collideoscope   00:54 
Collideoscope   01:12 
Set Up For There's The Moon   00:32 
There's The Moon   03:55 
Set Up For The End   01:35 
The Buzz Reprise   02:40 
Never Let The Light Go Dark   02:35