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Is This the Life We Really Want?

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When We Were Young   01:39 
Dejà Vu   04:27 
The Last Refugee   04:12 
Picture That   06:48 
Broken Bones   04:57 
Is This The Life We Really Want?   05:55 
Bird in A Gale   05:31 
The Most Beautiful Girl   06:09 
Smell The Roses   05:16 
Wait for Her   04:56 
Oceans Apart   01:07 
Part of Me Died   03:14 


When We Were Young 01:39

Where are you now? Don't answer that
Iím still ugly. Youíre still fat. Iíve still got spots. Iím still afraid
Our parents made us what we are. Or was it God? Who gives a fuck; itís never really over

Dejà Vu 04:27
If I had been God

I would have rearranged the veins in the face to make them more resistant to alcohol and less prone to aging
If I had been God
I would have sired many sons and I would not have suffered the Romans to kill even one of them
If I had been God
With my staff and my rod
If I had been given the nod
I believe I could have done a better job

If I were a drone
Patrolling foreign skies
With my electronic eyes for guidance
And the element of surprise
I would be afraid to find someone home
Maybe a woman at a stove

Baking bread, making rice, or just boiling down some bones
If I were a drone

The temple's in ruins
The bankers get fat
The buffalo's gone
And the mountain top's flat
The trout in the streams are all hermaphrodites
You lean to the left but you vote to the right

And it feels like dejà vu
The sun goes down and I'm still missing you
Counting the cost of love that got lost
And under my Gulf Stream, in circular pools
There's ninety-nine cents worth of drunkards and fools

The Last Refugee 04:12
Lie with me now

Under lemon tree skies
Show me the shy, slow smile you keep hidden by warm brown eyes

Catch the sweet hover of lips just barely apart
And wonder at loves sweet ache
And the wild beat of my heart

Oh, rhapsody tearing me apart

And I dreamed I was saying goodbye to my child
She was taking a last look at the sea

Wading through dreams, up to our knees in warm ocean swells
While bathing belles, soft beneath
Hard bitten shells punch their iPhones
Erasing the numbers of redundant lovers

And search the horizon
And you'll find my child
Down by the shore
Digging around for a chain or a bone
Searching the sand for a relic washed up by the sea

Picture That 06:48
Picture yourself as you lean on the port rail

Tossing away your last cigarette
Picture your finger pushing the doorbell
Picture the skull and crossbones on the doormat
Picture yourself on the streets of Laredo
Picture the casbah, picture Japan
Picture your kid with his hand on the trigger
Picture prosthetics in Afghanistan

Picture a courthouse with no fucking laws
Picture a cathouse with no fucking whores
Picture a shithouse with no fucking drains
Picture a leader with no fucking brains

Follow me filming myself at the show
On a phone from a seat in the very front row
Follow Miss Universe catching some rays
Wish you were here in Guantanamo Bay
Picture a seat on a private plane

Picture your feet nailed to the floor
Picture a crew who are clearly insane
Picture no windows, picture no doors

Glued to a screen in the state of Nevada
To follow the dream gets harder and harder
Picture her wrapping a gift for the wedding
Picture her boiling the water for tea
Picture the kids climbing into the backseat
Picture my hand turning the keys
Oh picture that
Picture the dog in the pickup ahead
Picture the tree at the side of the road
Picture my hands growing steadily colder

Follow me down to a place by the river
Sold for my kidneys, sold for my liver
Why so weedy, so fucking needy
Thereís no such thing as being too greedy

Broken Bones 04:57
Sometimes I stare at the night sky

See them stars a billion light years away
And it makes me feel small like a bug on a wall
Who gives a shit anyway?
Who gives a shit anyway?

When World War II was over
Though the slate was never wiped clean
We could have picked over them broken bones
We could have been free

But we chose to adhere to abundance
We chose the American Dream
And ooo, Mistress Liberty -
How we abandoned thee

We abandoned thee
And oh, Mistress Liberty
How we abandoned thee

Could've been born in Shreveport
Or he could've born in Tehran
It don't much matter wherever you're born
Little babies mean us no harm
They have to be taught to despise us
To bulldoze our homes to the ground
To belief their fight is for liberty
To believe their god will keep them safe and sound

Safe and sound
Safe and sound

We cannot turn back the clock
Cannot go back in time
But we can say:
Fuck you, we will not listen to
Your bullshit and lies
Your bullshit and lies

Is This The Life We Really Want? 05:55
[ Donald Trump]

Youíre CNN. I mean itís story, after story, after story is bad. I won. I won. And the other thing, chaos. Thereís zero chaos. We are running- This is a fine-tuned machine

The goose has gotten fat
On caviar and fancy bars
And subprime homes
And broken homes
Is this the life, the holy grail?
Itís not enough that we succeed
We still need others to fail

Fear, fear drives the mills of modern man
Fear keeps us all in line
Fear of all those foreigners
Fear of all their crimes
Is this the life we really want?
It surely must be so
For this is a democracy and what we all say goes

And every time a student is run over by a tank
And every time a pirateís dog is forced to walk the plank
Every time a Russian bride is advertised for sale
And every time a journalist is left to rot in jail
Every time a young girlís life is casually spent
And every time a nincompoop becomes the president

Every time somebody dies reaching for their keys
And every time the green land falls in the fucking sea is because

All of us, the blacks and whites
Chicanos, Asians, every type of ethnic group
Even folks from Guadeloupe, the old, the young

Toothless hags, super models, actors, fags, bleeding hearts
Football stars, men in bars, washerwomen, tailors, tarts
Grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunts
Friends, relations, homeless tramps
Clerics, truckers, cleaning ladies
Ants Ė maybe not ants
Why not ants?
Well because its true
The ants donít have enough IQ to differentiate between
The pain that other people feel and well, for instance, cutting leaves
Or crawling across window seals in search of open treacle tins
So, like the ants, are we just dumb
Is that why we donít feel or see?
Or are we all just numbed out on reality TV

So, every time the curtain falls
Every time the curtain falls on some forgotten life
It is because we all stood by, silent and indifferent

Bird in A Gale 05:31
Are you blowing like a bird in a gale?

Does the pain of your loss seep into your feathers like rain?
Do the bars of your cage feel low or cold to the touch?
Were my caresses too gentle, did I love you too much
Your dog is scratching at the door

The boy is drowning in the sea
Can I crash out on your floor?

The boy is drowning in the sea
Can I crash out on your floor?
Is there room in the story for me?

The Most Beautiful Girl 06:09
She may well have been the most beautiful girl in the world

Her life snuffed out like a bulldozer crushing a pearl
The secret committee deep in its lair
Conveniently far from the cold desert air
Puts a tick in a box, turns the key in a lock
To loosen the buns in her hair
Sleep well if you can, wrapped safe in your cloak
The tumbledown twilight Havana smoke caught in your throat
Mistress Liberty's dance, held you in its trance
Her bosoms were loaded with nectar and lances
"Well boy" she said "you have broken the trust, hold on to that stick if you must"

Take a fresh grip on the crucible room
A patchwork of ashes sweeps away the flag of Rome (?)
Madness comes down like the crackpot of ages

The raging of angels, cathedral of stars
Christopher Robin says "Alice, go home now, they're no longer changing the guard"

"Hold on" she said "you're breaking my heart"
It's weird how the steel rails disappear into the dark
They clung to the ivory tower on her braids
They were never afraid of falling
But the bomb hit the spot where the numbers all start
And the last thing they heard was her calling home
I'm coming home
I'm the life that you gave
I'm the children you saved
I'm the promise you made
I'm the woman you crave
So hold on...I'm coming home (hold on, I'm coming home)

Smell The Roses 05:16
There's a mad dog pulling at his chain

A hint of danger in his eye
Alarm bells raging round his brain
And the chimney's broken in the sky

Wake up
Wake up and smell the roses
Close your eyes and pray this wind don't change
There's nothing but screams in the field of dreams
Nothing but hope at the end of the road
Nothing but gold in the chimney smoke
Come on honey it's real money

This is the room where they make the explosives
Where they put your name on the bomb
Here's where they bury the buts and the ifs
And scratch out words like right and wrong

Wake up
Wake up and smell the phosphorus

This is the room we keep a human heir
Don't ask don't tell it couldn't be lost for us
Yeah, little less cash in the stash in the cupboard
At the bottom of the stair
Money, honey

Wake up
Wake up and smell the bacon
Run your greasy fingers through her hair
This is the life that you have taken

Just a line in the captain's log
Just a whine from a resident dog
Another kid didn't make the grade
Come on honey it's a fair trade

Wake up
Wake up and smell the roses
Throw a photo on the funeral pyre
Yeah, now we can forget the threat she poses
Girl you know you couldn't get much higher

Wait for Her 04:56
Will a glass inlaid with gemstones on a pool around the evening

Among the perfumed roses, wait for her
With the patience of a pack horse loaded for the mountains
Like a stoic noble prince, wait for her
With seven pillows laid out on the stair
The scent of [?] incense fills the air
Be calm and wait for her
And do not flush the sparrows that are nesting in her braids
All along the barricades, wait for her

And if she comes soon, wait for her
And if she comes late, wait
Let her be still as a summer afternoon
A garden in full bloom
Let her breathe in the air that is foreign to her heart
Let her lips part, wait for her

Take her to the balcony, see the moon soaked in milk
Hear the rustle of her silk, wait for her
Don't let your eyes alight upon the twin doves of her breast
Lest they take flight
Wait for her

And if she comes soon, wait for her
And if she comes late, wait, wait
Serve her water before wine
Do not touch her hand
Let your fingertips rest at her command
Speak softly as a flute would to a fearful violin
Breathe out, breathe in

And as the echo fades from her final fusillade
Remember the promises you made

Oceans Apart 01:07
She was always here in my heart

Always the love of my life
We were strangers, oceans apart
But when I laid eyes on her a part of me died

Part of Me Died 03:14
The part that is envious, cold-hearted and devious

Greedy, mischievous, global, colonial
Bloodthirsty, blind, mindless and cheap
Focused on borders and slaughtering sheep
Burning of books, bulldozing of homes
Giving to targeted killing with drones
Lethal injections, arrest without trial
Monocular vision, gangrene and slime, unction, sarcasm
Common assault, self satisfied heroic killers lifted on high
Piracy, avarice, acid attacks on women by murderers
And perverts and hacks
The rigging of ballots and the buying of power
Lies from the pulpit, rape in the shower

Mute, indifferent, feeling no shame
Portly, important, leering, deranged
Sat in the corner watching TV
Deaf to the cries of children in pain
Dead to the world just watching the game
Watching endless repeats out of sight out of mind
Silence, indifference the ultimate crime
But when I met you, that part of me died

Bring me a bow to ?
Bring me my final cigarette
It would be better by far to die in her arms than to linger
In a lifetime of regret