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Alternate Calling All Stations versions

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Type Sortie Acquisition
CDR Musical Compile 1998 18.07.2017
Shipwrecked   04:23 

(different vocals and guitars)
Congo  (long ending diff mix)   05:11 
Alien Afternoon   07:49 
(different ending guitar solo)
Not About Us  (alternate mix)   04:42 
Small Talk  (no effect long version)   05:16 
Calling All Stations  (alternate long version)   05:50 
If That's What You Need  (different mix)   05:10 
One Man's Fool  (alternate vocal version)   08:41 
Sign Your Life Away  (alternate demo version)   05:08 
Run Out Of Time  (alternate demo version)   04:57 
Papa He Said  (non album track)   04:08 
Banjo Man  (non album track)   04:25 
7/8   05:23 
Instrumental (non album track)
Nowhere Else To Turn   04:28 
(outtakes Calling All Stations)