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CDR Musical 20/01/2020 19/03/2020
The Emptiness   06:02 
Lifeless World   07:07 
Distortion   05:57 
Deep Down   06:10 
Canopy of Stars   07:36 
Long Way From Home   07:06 
Zenith   06:02 
Beyond   06:31 


The Emptiness 06:02
BLAKE: It was meant to be a routine mission. A crew of two sent to investigate an

anomaly in the Rigel system at the foot of Orion.
BLAKE: Weíd done this kind of jump a hundred times before, maybe more.
BLAKE: But when we came out of the slingshot, we had no way of knowing what lay
ahead; a force that was vast, incomprehensible. As ancient as the stars
BLAKE: And in the emptiness of space, it waited for us.

Lifeless World 07:07
BLAKE: I crawl out of the flaming wreck of the Wayfarer, barely able to stand. Brushing

dirt from my visor, I take in the darkness all around me. In the orange glow of the
fire I can make out bleak, rocky terrain, but little else. A thick, misting haze
presses in, reducing visibility every way I look.
BLAKE: I turn back to the wreck, searching for signs of my copilot.
BLAKE: (calls out) "Aven? Are you reading me?"
BLAKE: Thereís no reply. I begin to wade back into the wreckage to look for her, but a
moment later I stop.
AVEN: (through comms, in discomfort) "Blake. About time you woke up."
BLAKE: "Hey, you okay? Where are you?"
AVEN: "I think my pod broke off during the descent, along with half the Wayfarer.
Check your locator, I landed a couple of clicks south of your position."
BLAKE: I try to bring up my nav system, but the readouts are garbage.
BLAKE: "No good. Mineís broken."
AVEN: "I can see the comms module not too far away from me. If you can make it here,
we could maybe get a message home."
BLAKE: "Thatís probably our only hope. Unless they send a recon to check out why we
went dark."
AVEN: "It would take a miracle for them to find us in time."
BLAKE: "Yeah. Our oh-two isnít going to last long. Is the comms module still working?"
AVEN: "I donít know. Iím trapped inside the wreckage and canít reach it. And... I think
my back is broken. I canít feel anything below my legs."
BLAKE: "Dammit." (sighs) "Okay, I can come to you, but I canít see a thing in this smog.
Youíll need to guide me."
AVEN: "Yeah. Iíve got your pressure suit on my locator. Iíll keep you on course."
BLAKE: "Hang tight."
AVEN: "Iím not going anywhere."

Distortion 05:57
BLAKE: The vapour is so thick my headlamps can barely cut through it. As I struggle

across the landscape, thereís only one thing I can see clearly - the glowing digits
on my head-up-display that tell me my oh-two is still dropping. After a while I
try to stop looking, but the numbers are still there in my periphery... the last
minutes of my life ticking away one second at a time.
AVEN: "Blake, youíre drifting. Turn back to your left."
BLAKE: "I canít. Thereís a wall of rock in the way. Iíll circle around it once Iím past.
Give me a minute."
AVEN: "I can do that." (pause) "So... what happened up there?"
BLAKE: "Thatís a good question. I saw something... weird when we came out of the
AVEN: "What like?"
BLAKE: "Well it looked like... I donít know. Like the starfield was distorting."
AVEN: "A thousand falling stars."
BLAKE: "So you did see it."
AVEN: "Yeah. But donít ask me to explain it."
BLAKE: "After that the controls locked up. There was no chance of saving the ífarer."
AVEN: "Everything was unresponsive on my end. Nothing we could do."
BLAKE: "Howís your oh-two?"
AVEN: "Three hours. You?"
BLAKE: "Same."
AVEN: "Donít worry, youíll make it here quicker than that. Iím sure of it."
BLAKE: "How about two hours and fifty-nine minutes?"
AVEN: "And thirty seconds. That should leave us plenty of time."
BLAKE: "Right."
AVEN: "Thereís a spare oh-two canister in the storage compartment in the back of the
comms module. That should help I guess."
BLAKE: I can tell sheís thinking the same thing I am. Rescue will take hours, assuming
the comms even work. There wonít be enough air for both of us to share that
long. But I say nothing, and as I continue to climb, Aven goes silent.

Deep Down 06:10
BLAKE: There are times when I hear something in the distance that almost sounds like a

recon dropship, but I know itís just my imagination. Wishful thinking. In any
case, thereís no way theyíd spot me through this vapour. Visibility just seems to
get worse. My lamps help at times, but for the most part, each footstep is a risk.
Aven can tell me which direction to turn, but not where to look out for obstacles.
BLAKE: As I round another outcropping, my foot falls out from under me, and suddenly
Iím sliding, bouncing painfully down into the darkness.
BLAKE: I hit bottom so hard I wonder if I can even get up again.
BLAKE: (gasping) "Aven, Iím down. Iím down."
AVEN: "What happened?"
BLAKE: "I slipped. Fell."
AVEN: "Blake, your suit integrity. You need to run a check for leaks."
BLAKE: I crawl onto my haunches, then run the diagnostics.
BLAKE: "Yeah, itís okay. Lucky. But I donít know if I can climb out of here."
AVEN: "You can."
BLAKE: "Listen, if I donít make it to you-"
AVEN: "Youíll make it. Iím right here with you, every step of the way. Itís like we
always said back in the Academy when things got hard: ĎWeíre in this togetherí."
BLAKE: "Yeah."
AVEN: "Say it."
BLAKE: "Weíre in this together."
BLAKE: I gather myself up, look around to get my bearings. The rock wall is uneven, and
I find purchase on the first few handholds. Iím beaten, bruised, but know I canít
give up. I have to keep going.
BLAKE: I slip more than once, and as my strength wanes I wonder how much more I can
take. But, after what seems like forever, I find a way back up.
BLAKE: (breathless) "Iím out. Iím at the top."
AVEN: "See? I told you. Thereís no stopping you."
BLAKE: (ironic) "Yeah. Too easy."
AVEN: "Keep at it. Youíll be here in no time."

Canopy of Stars 07:36
BLAKE: Progress is slow and exhausting. As I stop to catch my breath, I look up to see the

haze has finally parted. A brilliant canopy of stars stretches across the sky. Gold
and white pinpoints glimmer against a wash of scarlet - a nebula that stretches on
seemingly forever. Even at a time like this, and after all my years spent amongst
the stars, the cosmos still has the power to astonish me.
BLAKE: As I watch, a pale blue star seems to throb and grow larger. With each pulse,
shafts of azure light illuminate around it like the strands of a spiderís web. I canít
decide if itís beautiful or terrifying. Then the moment passes, and the murk drifts
overhead, obscuring my view.
BLAKE: "Aven? I think I just saw the anomaly."
AVEN: "The what?"
BLAKE: "The thing we hit when we came out of the slingshot. The energy signature we
were sent here to investigate."
AVEN: "Blake, concentrate. Youíre heading in the wrong direction again. You need to
keep following my instructions."
BLAKE: "Iím working on it. This terrain is-"
BLAKE: I freeze. Not far ahead, a shape looms in the darkness. Itís large and vaguely
humanoid, moving slowly in my direction. The sight of it sends a shiver down
my spine.
BLAKE: (hoarse) "Thereís something here."
AVEN: "Blake?"
BLAKE: "A creature."
AVEN: "You sure? I donít see anything on the locator."
BLAKE: Thinking that Iím going crazy, I scoop up a rock and hurl it at the figure, but the
thing doesnít react. Either I missed the target, or itís just a figment of my
imagination. Spooked, I turn and scramble away.

Long Way From Home 07:06
AVEN: "You threw a rock at it?"

BLAKE: "I wanted to see if it was real. What else was I supposed to do?"
AVEN: "I donít know. Use karate?"
BLAKE: "In a pressure suit? Yeah, right." (sighs) "Either Iím losing it, or weíre not alone
on this rock."
AVEN: "Youíre not losing it."
(Blake can be heard playing a home video of his young daughter)
AVEN: "Is that one of your Elly recordings?"
BLAKE: "Sorry. I just really need to hear her voice right now. I can shut down comms for
a minute if you-"
AVEN: "Itís okay. Itís nice." (pause) "You know youíre going to see her again, right?"
BLAKE: (unconvinced) "Yeah." (tries again with more conviction) "Yeah, of course.
And youíre going to see David. Heís probably cooking dinner for you right
AVEN: "Ugh, Davidís cooking? Think Iíll stay here."
BLAKE: (forces a laugh, then after a pause he is morose again) "I didnít say ĎI love youí
enough. Not nearly enough."
AVEN: "None of us ever do."

Zenith 06:02
BLAKE: My air counter continues to drop. Time is running short. There are moments

when I glimpse more figures in the darkness, and I try not to panic. Instead, I lift
my pace to stay out of their reach, and wonder if this nightmare is ever going to
BLAKE: Just when I think itís hopeless, the murk around me begins to clear again. Not far
across the terrain I see it - the comms module. Starlight ripples across the hull in
the shifting haze, like a shipwreck resting beneath the waves in shallow water.
Battered, broken and ruined, itís the most beautiful thing Iíve ever seen.
BLAKE: I get closer to the module. The impact cushions have done their job, and the hull
looks in relatively good shape. There is still hope.
BLAKE: "Aven, I made it. Iím here!"
AVEN: "I see you! Never doubted you, buddy."
BLAKE: As I close in, my step falters. My eyes are drawn upward.
AVEN: "Come on, Blake. Get me out of here."
BLAKE: An arc of light stretches up into the star-filled sky so high I have to crane my neck
to follow it. Thereís a coldness about it that seeps into my bones, leaves me
feeling hollow to the core.
BLAKE: At its zenith, the light ends in a point of shimmering blue.
AVEN: "Blake?"
BLAKE: My gaze drops again. Beyond the slash of blue light, a curtain seems to part. The
sky is split. Inside, the starfield warps, just like it did when we came out of the
BLAKE: (in wonder) "The stars are falling."
AVEN: "Blake!"
BLAKE: I pick up a rock and hurl it at the hull of the comms module. This time Iím
clearly on target, but there is no metallic clang, no ricochet. The rock passes right
BLAKE: (dread) "Aven, where are you?"
AVEN: (voice suddenly inside his helmet) "Iím here. Right here with you."
BLAKE: (bitter) "Youíre not Aven."
AVEN: "I am. Iím everything she ever was."
BLAKE: "And now youíre where? Inside the anomaly?"
AVEN: "Iíve gone beyond."
BLAKE: "How?"
AVEN: "After the slingshot, the Wayfarer was on an arc, and my body passed through.
But not yours."
BLAKE: "The ship broke up in the energy field. And ever since I crawled out of the
wreck, youíve been trying to lure me here."
AVEN: "Iím sorry I had to deceive you. I was afraid you wouldnít make it here before
your oh-two ran out."
BLAKE: "This mirage that you were leading me to... itís part of the anomaly. You want
me to step into this shaft of light."
AVEN: "Itís the only way home."
BLAKE: "Not my home."
AVEN: "If you ever want to see Elly again-"
BLAKE: (vehement) "Itís not my home!" (then, a hoarse whisper) "Not my home."
BLAKE: The illusion of the comms module fades. In its place there is nothing but rocks
glinting in the unearthly blue light. I stumble away, tears stinging my eyes. As I
begin to climb back up the rocky incline, I stop dead in my tracks.
BLAKE: Now that the smog has parted, I see it. Not far away, hanging low in the sky, is
the unmistakable outline of a recon dropship, and itís headed in my direction.

Beyond 06:31
AVEN: "Blake, donít go. Please."

BLAKE: A part of me is torn by Avenís words, but I remind myself itís not really her. Itís
something pretending to be her. The Aven I knew is now beyond my reach. I try
to block out its voice as I run toward the dropship.
BLAKE: I stumble, fall, run again. The haze begins to roll back in, but I still see the
searchlights from the dropship sweep out across the landscape, scouring the
surface. With horror I realise their trajectory is taking them out of my path. I
change course, struggling to catch up, make myself visible. The dropship starts to
come back around, and I realise they must have picked up my locator. The
searchlights slow, and with my oh-two redlining, I close the gap.
AVEN: (desolate) "After all weíve been through, youíre going to leave me here."
BLAKE: (to himself) "Itís not Aven. Itís not her."
AVEN: "You canít leave me!"
BLAKE: I lurch into the circle of pure white light and crash to my knees, exhausted.
BLAKE: "Hey up there, this is Blake. Have you got me on comms? Thereís not much
BLAKE: The searchlight beam quavers, begins to oscillate. Iridescent waves of
illumination cascade over me, the deepest blue. There is no answer from the
dropship, and now I know there never will be.
BLAKE: "Oh no. No ."
AVEN: "I was alone for so long, Blake. And then Aven came, and now you."
BLAKE: Itís so bright I canít see. Thereís a heaviness in my limbs, like Iím being dragged
down. Iím falling. Time seems to run backwards. I feel the pilotís seat of the
Wayfarer beneath me; the vibration of the slingshot; sunlight shining into the
cockpit as I leave Earthís atmosphere. Then the memories tumble into one
another, become unrecognisable.
BLAKE: Cold tendrils wrap around me and draw me downward into the abyss.
AVEN: (cold) "You canít leave me. Weíre in this together, Blake. Right to the end."