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The Big Trapeze

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- simple 11/03/2021 12/03/2021
The Big Trapeze   04:35 


The Big Trapeze 04:35
Back when it started. Under the the tent.

Walking the tightrope. Down to the end
All that tumbling and turning. Life in a cabaret
All those stars that we were touching. Just places to run away

Donít you wanna take that big trapeze
Tear it down and throw it in the sea
Ainít kinda beautiful watching it go
Did you learn to balance on a wire
Running through those circles made of fire
How you can be elegant, while fighting for air

Don't you know I sailed into the surf
I sailed until I fell right off the Earth
Always me and Icarus, with nothing to show
But I know every rivet bow to stern
Tear it down and let that mother burn
Ainít it kinda beautiful watching it go