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71319 Live at Monforti Manor

16 mp3 sur 142,6 Mo : 1h, 43'47''

Type Sortie Acquisition Valerie Gracious, Steve Unruh, Phideaux Xavier
CD double live "carton" 05/08/2020 19/06/2021
Learn to Love Rain Steve Unruh   02:06 
Twilight in India Steve Unruh   06:24 
Violin Raga Focus Steve Unruh   02:32 
Something in Heaven Bleeds Steve Unruh   03:44 
The Lawn Chair Song Steve Unruh   05:32 
Two Little Awakenings Steve Unruh   18:46 
Luxury Denial Steve Unruh   11:22 

The Error Lives on   08:53 
Candybrain_ The Sleepers Wake   05:12 
Darkness at Noon   02:46 
One Star   05:26 
Inspecting the Spoils   03:33 
You and Me Against a World of Pain   05:35 
A Curse of Miracles   06:11 
The Doctrine of Eternal Ice (Two)   09:51 
Infinite Supply   05:54