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Live at the Bayou

19 mp3 sur 142,7 Mo : 1h, 52'21''

Type Sortie Acquisition Blue Oyster Cult
The Bayou
Washington, DC USA

This is the COMPLETE concert. TT: 112:34
I'm grading this (as always, "IMHO") as an ex-
tape, 8.5-9.0/10; see reasons below...

I attended this show almost 19 years ago with the taper. It was an
excellent show with a fantastic setlist. There was a decent crowd
there but it was not a sellout. The band gave a great performance
and it had almost a family feel to it, with Eric Bloom telling
people to shut up after they shouted out requests. During D&S, the
on-cue fist pumping during the chorus made me wonder if I were
witnessing the birth of a sinister underground political party bent
on world domination. It was a fantastic show ! We were taping from
a reasonable distance back from the stage and the sound system was
very effective and clear. We were not really close to anyone so there
is virtually NO audience chatter at all in this recording. The master
is a fragile normal-bias 120 minute tape, so we made a 1st gen that
has been played twice. This is what you're getting. There is no hiss
and no distortion, which is a tribute to the F46, one of the finest
inexpensive tape recorders ever made by Sony or anyone. It was a
magical night which you guys can now share with me. I thought you'd
really enjoy this show, what with the recent flood of BOC hitting the
Dime. Herewith a brief description of the recording ; enjoy the concert !

The good points:

1) This is the COMPLETE show. I was there, I know.

2) There are no speed problems with this show.
No wow, flutter, speed ups/slow downs and it
sounds to me like it runs at the correct speed.

3) All instruments and vocals are pretty clear; this
recording was made fairly close to the stage in a small
venue. The signal is strong.

4) This is the RAW tape. I did NOT attempt any EQing,
"remastering", etc. You're getting what I have. The
only thing that I did was to convert the tapes to CD
and the CDs.

5) I'm very sure that this tape is virtually
uncirculated and pretty rare. Grab it if you want it.....

The bad points:

1) The vocals sometimes are a little hard to understand. That's
about the only bad point that I can think of right now and is the
reason that this is graded as an excellent minus. There is a tape
"weld" toward the end of Black Blade due to the only tape flip in
the show. It is obvious but not too jarring. For best results (and
to hear the sound effects on Joan Crawford) listen to this concert
on headphones.

That's about all that I have to say, so let's wrap this up.
No buy, no sell, no mp3. Please seed this as long as you can.
This tape has NOT been widely circulated so JUMP ON IT !!! A very
high-energy show in which everybody shines. I will post a sample
or two shortly for those of you still undecided but I think you'll
find that this is a really good-sounding tape and a welcome addition
to any Blue Oyster Cult fan's collection. Well, thanks for reading
this and Mr. Natural would like to add these few comments: have fun,
don't freak out and by all means, enjoy the concert!!! 
CDR Musical Roio Double Live 10.10.1989 08.05.2022
Introduction   02:02 
Stairway To The Stars   04:16 
Dominance And Submission   05:41 
E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)   05:30 
I Am The One You Warned Me Of   06:30 
Buck's Boogie   07:44 
Astronomy   06:55 
Take Me Away   05:54 
Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll   05:53 
Then Came The Last Days Of May   08:05 

Black Blade   06:32 
Career Of Evil   04:53 
Joan Crawford   06:35 
Harvester Of Eyes   04:10 
Burnin' For You   04:52 
Godzilla   09:32 
(Don't Fear) The Reaper   08:47 
This Ain't The Summer Of Love   03:12 
The Red & The Black   05:18