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New wave


Not Join The Dots

66 mp3 sur 435,0 Mo : 5h, 16'04''

Type Sortie Acquisition Raritioes & B-Sides - 1979-2005 
Coffret 4 CDR Musicaux 09.11.2018 09.11.2022
See The Children  (Easy Cure)   03:11 
You're So Happy  (Easy Cure)   05:00 
Pillbox Tales  (Demo)   02:26 
Desperate Journalist  (Grinding Halt' Demo)   02:41 
Cold Colours  (Primary Demo)   03:51 
All Cats Are Grey  (Violin Demo)   02:06 
Forever   11:41 
(Aka All I Have To Do Is Kill Her - Live In Paris, France On June 7th, 1982)
Ariel   05:35 
(By Robert Smith For The Kid Jensen Radio Show 1982)
Siamese Twins  (Demos)   02:34 
Bird Mad Girl  (Demos)   04:57 
Cats Like Cheese  (Give Me It' Demo)   03:40 
Perfect Murder  (The Glove)   04:17 
Mr Alphabet Says  (The Glove)   03:50 
Just One Kiss  (Original 12'' Mix)   07:05 
The Lovecats  (Original 12'' Mix)   04:36 
Close To Me  (Original 12'' Mix)   06:23 
You Really Got Me  (Live)   02:47 
Merry Christmas   02:41 
(Everyone Is Happy) (Live)

I Want To Be A tree  (Tim Pope & The Cure)   03:38 
Do You Wanna Touch  (Live)   07:49 
Hey You   02:22 
(Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me LP Only)
Japanese Dream  (Picture Show' Remix)   03:34 
Why Can't I Be You  (Extended Remix)   08:01 
Pirate Ships   03:34 
(Unused Joni Mitchell Cover From Elektra Records Birthday CD Rubayait)
A letter To Elise   07:10 
(Demo Only 2 Track US CD5)
Primary  (Red Mix)   05:35 
Let's Go To Bed  (Milk Mix)   07:15 
Open   06:55 
(Fix Mix US 2 Track Promo CD)
High   03:32 
(Trip Mix 12'' Clear Vinyl)
Cloudberry   05:19 
(The Lost Wishes Sessions)
Off To Sleep   03:32 
(The Lost Wishes Sessions)
Three Sisters   04:10 
(The Lost Wishes Sessions)
Uyea Sound   05:22 
(The Lost Wishes Sessions)

To The Sky  (Resurrected Mix)   06:31 
Heart Attack  (Unreleased)   02:40 
Old England  (Unreleased)   06:14 
Sivvy   06:17 
(Demo of 'Do The Unstuck')
A Sign From God   04:49 
(As Cogasm from 'Orgasmo' Film)
Numb  (Demo)   03:42 
The Last Thing You Should Do  (Live with David Bowie)   05:40 
Quicksand  (Live with David Bowie)   04:41 
Yesterdays Gone  (With Reeves Gabrel)   05:21 
Yesterdays Gone  (Remix)   05:11 
Lost Flower  ('Bloodflowers' Outtake)   02:40 
Watching Me Fall  (Underdog Mix)   07:46 
Spilt Milk  ('Bloodflowers' Outtake)   04:52 
Cut Here  (From Greatest Hits CD)   04:12 
Just Say Yes  (Greatest Hits CD)   03:33 
Just Say Yes  (Acoustic)   03:29 
Don't Believe A Word  (Live Thin Lizzy cover)   02:04 

Wrong Number  (Single Only)   06:05 
Love Will Tear Us Apart  (Joy Division Cover)   03:45 
Da Hype   06:40 
(Junior Jack & Robert Smith)
A Forest   08:38 
(Blank, Jones & Robert Smith)
Perfect Blue Sky   04:12 
(Junkie XL & Robert Smith)
All Of This   04:45 
(Blink 182 & Robert Smith)
Believe   03:40 
(Earl Slick & Robert Smith)
Truth Goddness & Beauty  (Asia Only 'The Cure' CD)   04:19 
Going Nowhere  (Asia Only 'The Cure' CD)   03:30 
This Morning  (End Of The World CD5)   07:15 
Fake  (End Of The World CD5)   04:42 
Why Can't I Be Me  (Alt. End CD5)   04:16 
Your God Is Fear  (Alt. End CD5)   05:06 
Truth Goodness & Beauty  (US Dvd Mix)   04:21 
Truth Is  (Tweaker & Robert Smith)   04:00 
To Love Somebody   03:59 
(Billy Corgan & Robert Smith)