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Imaginos III - Mutant Reformation

18 mp3 sur 103,8 Mo : 1h, 11'31''

Type Sortie Acquisition
CD Digipack 24.08.2023 06.10.2023
Welcome to Desdanovaland   01:00 
Flaming Telepaths Blue Oyster Cult   05:31 
Queens Graveyard   04:12 
Transmaniacon MC  (Featuring the Dictators) Blue Oyster Cult   03:24 
Career of Evil  (Featuring Steve Conte) Blue Oyster Cult   04:39 
St Cecilia Stalk-Forrest Group   03:35 
Curse Of The Hidden Mirrors  (Featuring Mike Watt) Stalk-Forrest Group   03:22 
Mountain of Madness   05:57 
(Featuring Richie Castellano)
Redeemed  (Featuring Joe Cerisano) Blue Oyster Cult   04:08 
Mothra and Starfish  (Featuring Susie Loraine)   02:56 
Godzilla Blue Oyster Cult   04:10 
(Featuring Kasim Sultan and Mike Fornatale)
R.U.Red.D2 Blue Oyster Cult   03:35 
Sole Survivor Blue Oyster Cult   04:29 
(Featuring R.J. Ronquillo)
E.T.I. (Extraterrestrial intelligence)  (Featuring Joe Bouchard) Blue Oyster Cult   04:45 
Aldebaran Alien Take Me Away Blue Oyster Cult   03:41 
Arianna of Earth  (Featuring Susie Loraine)   03:53 
Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver Blue Oyster Cult   04:33 
Buddha's Knee   03:41 
(Featuring James Bouchard)