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Edgar Allan Poe

16 mp3 sur 150,2 Mo : 1h, 43'25''

Type Sortie Acquisition The Dramatic and Fantastic Stories of Edgar Allan Poe
CD Digipack double 2004 08.12.2023
The Unparalleled Adventures Of H.Pfaall   06:13 
The Unparalleled Adventures Of Hans Pfaall
The Journal Of Juluis Rodman   05:43 
The Domain Of Arnheim   04:39 
The Pit And The Pendulum   05:17 
The Narrative Of A.G. Pym Of Nantucket   05:58 
Landscape Garden   07:00 
The Murders In The Rue Morgue   05:38 
The Island Of The Fay   10:22 

The Power Of Words   07:23 
Mystification   04:20 
Never Bet the Devil Your Head   08:43 
An Extravaganza   05:40 
Tales Of Ratiocination   06:47 
The Stylus   06:53 
The Longfellow War   06:42 
E.A.P. Forever   06:07