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Paisley Underground


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Harvey and Hott formed House of Freaks in 1984, with a minimalist sound and lineup that foreshadowed latter-era blues rock duos like the White Stripes and Black Keys. "We got shit all the time about not having a bass player," Harvey told Rolling Stone in 2004. "I mean, it was our fucking band. Did people hassle Flock of Seagulls for not having a guitar player? I was watching Freaky Friday with my daughter recently, and a character is talking about the White Stripes. She said, 'Get a bass player.'"

On New Year's Day, 2006, after a performance with his band NrG Krysys, Bryan Harvey, his wife Kathryn, and their daughters Stella and Ruby were found brutally murdered in the basement of their Richmond home.

Harvey, 49, and his family were discovered after Johnny Hott, formerly the drummer for the defunct band, arrived to attend a New Year's Day party and discovered the house was on fire. 

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N070,Studio*CD, 00:42:27,S19880101,A20080223
Monkey on a Chain Gang CD  42'27''     1988 23.02.2008
N070,Studio*CD EP, 00:15:17,S19890101,A20080110
All my friends CD EP  15'17''     1989 10.01.2008
N070,Studio*CD, 00:42:12,S19890101,A20071212
Tantilla CD  42'12''     1989 12.12.2007
N080,Studio*CD, 00:39:36,S19910101,A20070929
Cakewalk CD  39'36''     1991 29.09.2007
N070,Studio*CD, 00:40:52,S19940715,A20080411
Invisible Jewel CD  40'52''     15.07.1994 11.04.2008

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1.  Cakewalk CD
2.  Tantilla CD
3.  All my friends CD EP
4.  Monkey on a Chain Gang CD
5.  Invisible Jewel CD