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Conducts Music From Star Wars

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Type Sortie Acquisition John Williams Conducts Music from Star Wars Plus: Close Encounters & E.T.
CD double 2015 06/01/2016
Star Wars  Star Wars - Main Theme   05:37 
Princess Leia's Theme   04:06 
Star Wars - Princess Leia's Theme
The Asteroid Belt   04:15 
The Empire Strikes Back - The Asteroid Belt
The Imperial March   03:07 
The Empire Strikes Back - The Imperial March
Yoda's Theme   03:22 
The Empire Strikes Back - Yoda's Theme
Jabba The Hut   03:34 
Return Of The Jedi - Jabba The Hut
Luke And Leia   04:26 
Return Of The Jedi - Luke And Leia
Parade Of The Ewoks   03:33 
Return Of The Jedi - Parade Of The Ewoks
The Forest Battle   04:05 
Return Of The Jedi - The Forest Battle
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind   10:07 
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - Suite
E.T. - Adventures On Earth   09:14 
E.T. - Flying Theme   03:44 

2001 - Also Sprach Zarathustra   01:49 
2001: A Space Odyssey - Also Sprach Zarathustra
Alien - Closing Title   02:49 
Battlestar Galactica - Main Title   03:27 
Star Trek - Main Title   04:06 
Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Main Title
Star Trek - Main Theme   03:39 
Star Trek: The Television Show - Main Theme
The Twilight Zone - Theme And Variations   03:42 

Mars Gustav Holst   06:46 
The Planets: Mars, The Bringer Of War
Venus Gustav Holst   08:23 
The Planets: Venus, The Bringer Of Peace
Mercury Gustav Holst   04:11 
The Planets: Mercury, The Winged Messenger
Jupiter Gustav Holst   07:56 
The Planets: Jupiter, The Bringer Of Jollility
Saturn Gustav Holst   08:27 
The Planets: Saturn, The Bringer Of Old Age
Uranus Gustav Holst   05:57 
The Planets: Uranus, The Magician
Neptune Gustav Holst   08:19 
The Planets: Neptune, The Mystic