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Hard rock


Westwood One "Superstar Concert Series"

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Type Sortie Acquisition The concert at The Grove in Anaheim, CA on February 13 will be recorded by Westwood One for their "Superstar Concert Series" syndicated radio show.

The concert will be broadcast at a later date on over 150 stations nationwide that carry the Superstar Concert Series. 
RoIo live 13.02.2003 24.07.2005
Dr Music   03:31 
This ain't the summer of love   03:08 
Pocket   04:10 
See you in black   03:07 
I love the night   06:51 
Tattoo vampire   02:56 
Shooting shark   07:41 
Divine wind   05:48 
Black Blade   06:15 
Godzilla   09:30 
Buck's boogie   02:48 
(Don't fear) The reaper   06:59 
Golden age of leather   05:57