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A Space Odyssey - Part One Monolith

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Type Sortie Acquisition The first album of a trilogy, dedicated to the masterpiece of S. Kubrick.

Featuring Steve Hogarth and Steve Rothery from Marillion.
CD 19.11.2013 09.04.2016
Semi   18:08 
a) Overture
b) Mementoes
c) Dolore Cosmico (Part One)
d) Paure Ancestrali
e) Monolith (Part One)
f) Coscienza di se
g) Dolore Cosmico (Part Two)
Fluttuero'   03:50 
Stazione Orbitante Uno   07:46 
a) Heywood Floyd (Part One)
b) Nel Grembo Mezzo
c) Heywood Floyd (Part Two)
Materna Luna   07:34 
a) Orbitante al Sole
b) Materna Luna
Clavius   03:44 
Il Monolito di Tycho   09:07 
a) Il Monolito di Tycho
b) Cenotaph
c) Notte Sabbiosa e Lunare
d) Monolith (Part Two)